Hi! I’m Carla, the founder of MomSecrets.co. Cooking is my passion and my family is always looking forward to the new surprising recipes. So, I always invent new recipes to surprise them, at least every weekend they can try an unusual dessert or a meal I’ve never done before.

I’m so glad to share my recipes with you! This is my passion and (people say) my talent as well, so I hope if you try to cook some of my recipes, your families will be happy too!

The majority of the recipes on MomSecrets.co I invented myself or at least added my own touch to some traditional recipes. I do the photography for my posts, as well as all the content creation.

I grew up in Portugal (Porto), and I live here with my husband and two little boys. I live really close to my parents, and we often have our family cooking competitions. You won’t believe it, but competitions are between my father and me 🙂

Yes, it seems like the cooking passion is the heritage of my father’s family, as two of his brothers are professional chefs and my father really enjoys cooking at home in spite of working in a completely different area.

At my day job, I’m a teacher and I love how rewarding my profession is. But I also love cooking. It seems like being a small café or a family restaurant owner when I don’t need to work full time, is something I’d like to do in the future.